After 20 plus years of working for firms and arguing against opposing counsel seeking that my client pay their attorney fees I can say that the fees charged/billed by law firms and attorneys will be one of the most important issues of any family law case.

  I urge you to read with scrutiny the contract your attorney seeks for you to sign. In the area of Family Law there is never a need to sign a contract that is weighted in favor of the attorney such as a nonrefundable retainer/initial deposit or a flat fee advance payment contract. There are many attorneys who use a refundable retainer hourly rate contract. These contracts will identify the amount paid upfront, the per hour rate and the frequency/time you are billed at.

  Effective October 1, 2023 the retainer is $1,800.00. I bill at the rate of $300.00 per hour and charge in (:15) fifteen minute increments for cases in Boone, Winnebago, DeKalb, Ogle, and Stephenson counties. Cases for child support enforcement or enforcement of employer income withholding penalties have the option to be paid on a contingency fee basis with no upfront retainer. 


My office will accept Litecoin  and Bitcoin for retainers and fee payments. This option will continue as long as a law office or any Illinois required professional licensee  such as an auctioneer, dentist, nurse, therapist, or real estate agent may do so without the requirement to have a Money Transmitter License. I am not allowed to accept any US Dollars in the process of accepting cryptocurrency.  My office will not accept other forms of cryptocurrency.

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